FŪZ Dock for Apple Watch

FŪZ Dock for Apple Watch



2x Dock


Elegantly charge your Apple Watch with the FŪZ Dock for Apple Watch. Minimal, attractive, and functional, the Dock for Apple Watch allows you to effortlessly charge your Apple Watch in style. Great for use with an EverDock or EverDock Duo on your nightstand, where space is at a premium, to keep things clean and tidy. Also works as a standalone dock. Available in black to match the standard silicon bumpers on the EverDock. The FŪZ Dock for Apple Watch will also come with microsuction to stick to your desk or nightstand or to the top of your EverDock or EverDock Duo.

  • Elegant, minimal design complements Apple Watch design
  • Consolidated charging station for phone(s) and Apple Watch
  • Microsuction holds dock and cable securely in place
  • Two piece construction includes soft-touch silicone cover
  • Effortless docking/undocking
  • Silicone cover hides the cable and protects your Apple Watch
  • Compatible with all Apple Watch models
  • Compatible with EverDock and EverDock Duo or standalone