The EverDock is designed to support virtually ALL smartphones and tablets. Accommodating lightning, 30-pin, micro-USB, and auxillary cables, the EverDock works with most of your devices.
By strategically placing the EverDock in a few places in your home or office, your device will always remain charged and ready to go.
By using micro-suction technology, the EverDock remains firmly in place when removing your device. Just grab and go.
The EverDock Duo charges any combination of two devices, making it the perfect solution for multi-device homes.
Machined from a solid block of aircraft-grade aluminum, the EverDock is bead blasted and anodized creating a finish that matches today’s premium mobile devices.
By using a removable silicone protector, the EverDock easily accommodates devices with or without a case.
Using the EverDock, you’ll never have to worry about where you placed your device again. Your devices will have a home where you can always find them.
The EverDock creates the perfect viewing angle for Skype and FaceTime calls as well as easy reading of your messages and notifications.
Available in Silver or Space Gray, the EverDock complements your devices and your décor.
"EverDock universal dock blasts by funding goal, looks great"
With rare exceptions, I prefer not to write about Kickstarter and Indiegogo projects until there's a good possibility that the project will be funded. In the case of a new, truly universal dock created by Utah-based FŪZdesigns called the EverDock, the project is not only well past its funding goal of US$50,000 with 20 days to go, but the design looks so good I may end up backing it.

The idea is that too many times, smartphone owners purchase a dock only to have their needs change in a couple of years. For many iPhone and iPad owners, the advent of the Lightning cable made old docks obsolete, and there are people who switch from micro-USB-based Android phones to those Lightning-connected iPhones and vice-versa. With each switch of device or charging technology, users usually end up buying a new dock.

EverDock is designed to allow easy, tool-free swapping of the electrical / data end of the charging and sync cable. For example, it will support a 30-pin dock connector device, and can then be set up for a new iPhone with a Lightning connector in a matter of minutes. Need to charge both an iPhone in a Mophie Juice Pack Helium battery case (micro-USB) and a new iPad mini (Lightning)? No problem -- they've designed a dual dock that will hold both. If you have a case on your device, that shouldn't be a problem either; the EverDock is designed to accept most cases.

At this time, backers can pre-order one of the aluminum EverDocks in silver, space gray or gold for a pledge of just $49. The EverDock Duo (two-device) model is just a bit more at $69. If FŪZdesigns reaches a $200,000 stretch goal, they'll let purchasers select the color of the silicone inserts that cover the top of the dock.

"One dock to rule them all"
FUZ Designs - comprising former employees of popular iOS peripheral maker ZAGG - is working on the Everdock. It's one dock to rule them all - it works with iPhones, iPads and iPad minis, even Android devices. FUZ is currently raising funds on Kickstarter, and has greatly exceeded their goal (by a factor of almost five).

$49 via KickStarter gets you an Everdock - FUZ expects to sell then for $69 at retail once they're available (production should start in December). The Everdock Duo (with two docks in a single stand) costs $69.

The Everdock is made of aluminum and comes in finishes to match Apples' iPhone 5s models - Space Grey, Gold and Silver. The dock design is modular and removable, with cable channels underneath to get cords out of the way. The Everdock comes with a Micro USB cable to connect to most Android devices, and works also with Apple Lightning and 30-pin Dock Connector cables. FUZ is making the Everdock in single and dual-dock designs.

Originally FUZ set out to raise $50,000 through Kickstarter to back production of the Everdock. With 16 days to go, they've raised almost $240,000. Their first stretch goal, at $200,000, provided buyers with a choice of custom colors for their Everdock. If they reach their $300,000 stretch goal, backers will get a second color.

"An extremely innovative dock"
In addition to its ability to support the iPhone 5S, 5C, the iPhone 5, older 30-pin iPhones and iPods, and any iPad ever made, it can also serve as a dock for Android devices, BlackBerry products, and more – it works with practically any smartphone or tablet in existence.

From the Kickstarter page:

EverDock: The only dock you’ll ever need. Works With Virtually ALL Smartphones and Tablets

Trying to decide if a device is compatible with an accessory should not be such a burden. So we started at the very beginning with this in mind. We looked at every possible combination of smartphone and tablet and used this research as the basis for creating the EverDock.

Apple, Samsung, Motorola, HTC, Blackberry, LG, Sony, Nokia. The list goes on. Whether you love iOS or Android, the EverDock has you covered.

The device is precision made from aluminum, and designed to be sturdy, while allowing devices to be inserted and removed from the dock with as little effort as possible. It also comes in either a dingle-device design, or a dual-device design, depending on how many things you plan to dock at one time.

It’s an extremely innovative dock – and for their asking price of a mere $50 contribution for a solid aluminum dock, it’s also a fantastic value. You can secure one of your own starting at just $49, or $69 for the dual-device version, and considering the campaign has already reached nearly 6 times its funding goal at the time of this writing, you won’t have to worry about whether the campaign makes it!

"The EverDock will dock literally any Lightning, 30-Pin or micro USB device"
Although we thought it was a pain in the butt to assemble, one thing TwelveSouth’s HiRise dock really got right was this core concept that a dock doesn’t have to be specific to one iPhone or iPad model, but can be universal as long as it uses a Lightning connector.

EverDock is a new dock that takes that concept even further. It’s a universal dock that will work with pretty much anything, whether an iPhone, a Galaxy S3, an iPad, or something weirder all together.

Like the HiRise, the big innovation of the EverDock is that it recognizes a dock is really just an accessory that holds your device’s charge-and-sync cable rigidly enough that it can stand on end. Following this concept through to its logical end point, the EverDock allows you to switch out your cables within the same dock. Using adapters, your cables can then hold pretty much any device you care to throw at it steady, thanks to a heavy aluminum base with a special material on the bottom that “sucks” itself close to your desk.

The EverDock is just launching on KickStarter today, but initial uptake has been high, so my guess is it will be funded. There are two models available for preorder: the EverDock for $39, or the EverDock Duo (capable of syncing-and-charging two devices at once) for $59. All EverDocks are availale in silver, space gray or gold, and will work with any device that charges using Lightning, 30-pin or micro USB.

-Cult of Android.com
"FŪZ has designed a dock that looks as great as it promises to work"
Buying a new phone or tablet can be exciting. Forking over another $50 or so for a new dock sometimes isn’t. Accessories can be hard to get hold of, and almost never translate to a new device, even a product upgrade. The team at FUZ has a great solution, though: Everdock, a dock that works with any mobile device.

Utilizing aircraft grade aluminum, FUZ has designed a dock that looks as great as it promises to work. The concept is simple, too: run the power cord under the device, and a holster holds the Micro USB or lightning connector in place. The EverDock also sticks to the surface you put it on via “micro-suction”, so it can literally go anywhere.

For those with multiple devices, there is also the EverDock duo, which — you guessed it — houses two devices. By supplying your own power source, it won’t matter if you have an iPad and Nexus, a Kindle and an iPhone, or any other combination of devices; EverDock doesn’t discriminate.

The team at FUZ is near their $50,000 goal, with 28 days to go. With options from $39 (single dock) to $299 ( six docks!), it’s hard not to back this campaign. The team is also teasing stretch goals, so keep an eye on the campaign for further news.

-Android Authority.com
"The EverDock is an excellent choice"
Having acquired nearly $350,000 in pledges with more than 3,600 backers on its Kickstarter campaign, the EverDock is currently 691 percent funded and receiving excellent reviews from multiple online sources.

The EverDock is the brainchild of FŪZdesigns, led by David Gengler and Cameron Gibbs, two former executives from ZAGG, specializing in consumer electronics accessories. While at ZAGG, Gengler invented the cutting-edge ZAGGmate and was former Director of Product Development. Gibbs was a marketing and senior product manager, helping ZAGG become one of Utah's fastest growing companies in 2006.

Touted on Kickstarter as “the only dock you’ll ever need”, the EverDock works with most smartphones and tablets of a variety of shapes and sizes, including the iPhone 4 or later, iPad, iPad mini, Galaxy S4 and Samsung HTC. Machined from aircraft-grade aluminum, this sleek universal dock comes as a single or dual dock configuration, with three color options – gold, space gray and natural aluminum (silver). It’s also compatible with Apple’s lightning connector, in addition to 30-pin and micro-USB connectors and can be used with smart device cases, by simply removing the included silicone protector.

Aside from its impressive looks, one of the best features of the EverDock is its compactness, using up little space at an office desk, kitchen counter or even in the bathroom. Another nice feature is the absence of unnecessary parts, as well as its micro-suction capabilities, allowing the dock to remain firmly planted onto a surface. Lastly the dock allows for a perfect viewing angle when consumers use Skype and Facetime, as well as reading messages and notifications.

Stacked up against its competition, the EverDock is an excellent choice for consumers seeking a compact dock that compliments a smart device. It’s competitively priced, simple to set up and oozes state of the art consumer appeal.

Final verdict: the EverDock really does seem like “the only dock you’ll ever need” and gets a five star rating from this reviewer.

The basic EverDock is priced at $49 and $69 for the Everdock Duo, with discounted prices for a two pack, three pack, combo, and combo two packs and three packs. Delivery of the first units are expected to begin in December.

Sold Out
Compatible with nearly every smartphone and tablet, the EverDock is the ideal choice for keeping your devices charged, in view and easily accessible.

The EverDock accommodates all Apple iPhones, whether it's an older version that uses a 30-pin connector, or a new, top of the line model utilizing a lightning connector.

The EverDock doesn't only support Apple products, it is also compatible with most Android phones and tablets. The EverDock comes with a custom-made micro-usb cable, so if your device uses micro-usb (most Android devices do), it will work with the EverDock.

Got a case? No problem. The EverDock has a silicone protector that you can remove to accommodate devices with cases up to 5mm thick. If you don't have a case, keep the silicone protector in its place and it will keep your device safe from scratches.
  • EverDock with Samsung Galaxy S3
  • EverDock with Samsung Galaxy Tab2 (10.1)
  • EverDock with Apple iPad Air
  • EverDock with Apple iPad Mini
  • EverDock with Samsung Galaxy S4
  • EverDock with Apple iPhone 5S